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A mobile sewage treatment plant

Application of high pressure and vacuum technologies combined with water recycling enables us to use the Hydrovac cleaner for extreme cleaning of road or other surfaces. Recycling gives the Hydrovac vehicles a larger operating range than other road surface cleaners.

The vehicle is equipped with a 2.5 m wide suction nozzle with two suction hoses and a spray bar with 20 high-pressure rotary spray nozzles for both surface and in-depth cleaning. Its maximum high-pressure capacity is 170 bar at 300 litres per minute. The suction capacity is 20,000 m3 per hour. The spray bar and suction nozzle can be extended to 3.5 m.

Sustainable water recycling system

The Hydrovac cleaner features a sustainable self-cleaning water recycling system. The spent water is treated and used again. The water capacity is 8.5 m3 (exclusive of 3.5 m3 recycling water). Because recycling reduces the number of times that water has to be loaded and unloaded during operation, these vehicles have a higher effective operating interval.

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