Road surface cleaning opens up new avenues

Road surface cleaning

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Winter maintenance

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Water-buffering surfacing

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About Hydrovac

Established in 1992, Hydrovac is a collaboration framework between Renewi and Heijmans, specialising in ‘unburdening’ government bodies and companies in connection with particulates and other pollutants.

Recycling is our strength

The Hydrovac cleaner is the best choice for extreme cleaning of road and other surfaces with the aid of high pressure and vacuum technology in combination with water recycling. The Hydrovac cleaner features a sustainable self-cleaning water recycling system. The spent water is treated and used again.
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Hydrovac offers:

  • An integral approach
  • Specialism and expertise
  • Customisation for your application
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • GPS-controlled sweeping plans
  • Professional cooperation


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