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Established in 1992, Hydrovac is a collaboration framework between Renewi and Heijmans Wegenbouw, specialising in ‘unburdening’ government bodies and companies in connection with particulates and other pollutants. We offer the following services:

Pervious asphalt concrete cleaning  
Hydrovac developed a multifunctional cleaning system, specifically for machine cleaning of pervious asphalt concrete.Read more

Winter maintenance
Shortage of road salt has been reason for Hydrovac to look for a highly effective alternative for ice control.Read more

Water-buffering surfacing
There are no surface water drains in an area with water-buffering surfacing, such as the Aquaflow system. As a result, dirt remains on the street and builds up in the bevel edges of the surfacing. That requires regular maintenance by a sweeper-vacuum vehicle. Read more

Particulates issue
In view of the current particulates issue, it is important for businesses to take the right measures. Hydrovac has earned an outstanding reputation in the field of business premises maintenance. Read more

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Hydrovac offers:

  • An integral approach
  • Specialism and expertise
  • Customisation for your application
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • GPS-controlled sweeping plans
  • Professional cooperation