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Pervious asphalt concrete cleaning

Hydrovac developed a multifunctional cleaning system, specifically for machine cleaning of pervious asphalt concrete.

Can be used anywhere  
Dirt will settle in the top layer of impervious asphalt or concrete structures. Particularly on hard shoulders of motorways. Regular cleaning methods only have an adverse effect on that phenomenon. Brushes or sweepers push the dirt deeper into the cavities until the top layer is completely clogged up and the water no longer drains to the verges. Special cleaning technology is required to guarantee the draining function of roads with an open structure.

Specific conditions apply for every type of surfacing. Hydrovac developed a multifunctional system for machine cleaning of roads, business areas and industrial floors. The machine is suitable for all types of surfacing, but particularly for cleaning pervious asphalt and concrete layers.

The specific features of the various Hydrovac vehicles make them not only suitable for scheduled road maintenance, but also for incident control such as removing severe pollution with viscous and sticky deposits.

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