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Water-buffering surfacing

Every year, some 33 gr/m2 of dirt is deposited on a street surface. If nothing is done about it, the water buffering pavement will lose its perviousness. Practice has shown that about 540-810 gr/m2 of fine dirt is sufficient to clog up the system. Blockage occurs in the top layer, in the recesses of the paving. When adequate maintenance is carried out, the service life of the water-buffering pavement is estimated at 40 years. Insufficient maintenance reduces that period considerably.

There are no surface water drains in an area with water-buffering pavement, such as the Aquaflow system. As a result, dirt remains on the street and builds up in the bevel edges of the surfacing. That requires regular maintenance by a sweeper-vacuum vehicle.

Maintenance instruction water-buffering surfacing:

  • Carry out maintenance before the street is too severely fouled.
  • Remove tree leaves and seeds before they have rotted completely.
  • If precipitation causes puddles, maintenance is required.
  • Carry out maintenance in dry weather (recesses must be dry).
  • Stop the brushes so the sweeper-vacuum vehicle only sucks.
  • Use a sweeper vehicle with a wide suction nozzle.
  • Preferably use high-pressure water during cleaning with simultaneous suction.

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